The picturesque beach with a panoramic view of the coastal hills and Kaliakra cape is a distinctive characteristic of the Kranevo resort. The beach is 6 km long, and the strip of sand is up to 80 m wide. The fine pure golden-coloured sand, as well as the slight slope of the seabed provide an excellent opportunity for family holidays with children. The seabed near the Kranevo resort is clear, without rocks or seaweed. There are no dangerous water streams or abrupt changes of depth.

The beach strip of THERMA PALACE balneology hotel encompasses the VIP area of "Therma beach". Guests are offered lounge chairs and umbrellas free of charge on the hotel’s beach. In the summer season there is an operating private restourant

Therma Beach restaurant:

Service – waiter service for free consumption

Working time: from 09:00 to 23:00

Surrounded by amazing nature and directly located on the Black Sea coast, you can find “Therma Beach” restaurant. There you will find white-plunged white-covered arbors, open green terraces, glazed verandas filled with fresh air and sunlight, as if they were painted by the nature.  Оffering refreshments, ice-cream, tea, coffee, milkshakes, light alcoholic beverages for an additional charge. The youngest guests can spend enjoyable and unforgettable moments on the playground. The beach is guarded round the clock and cleaned every day.

Especially for the guests of THERMA PALACE balneology hotel, an electric car will drive anyone wishing to go from the hotel to the VIP area of "Therma  beach" according to a schedule.

In the north, the Kranevo resort beach strip fuses into that of the adjacent resort, Albena, and the two are linked by the same bay. The southern part of the beach features a small fishing village and a jetty for fishing enthusiasts.

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