Body masks with algae, chocolate, honey

Body masks with algae, chocolate, honey

The high biological value and the unique set of healthy substances contained in algae makes them very effective when performing various heeling and cosmetic procedures.
For internal or external application, the beneficial effect that the most ancient members of the plant kingdom can have on a person has been known for a long time.

Algae can absorb a lot of biologically active substances from sea water and are called "concentrated energy of the sea" for a reason.

Algae contain large quantities of micro and macro elements, including magnesium, potassium, sulfur, silicon and iodine, vitamins, sea salt and other healthy substancesThe most commonly applied procedure with algae in spa centers is wrapping the body with sea algae.

In general, the therapy is aimed at achieving a cosmetic and aesthetic effect. The therapy has a strong anti-cellulite effect. It improves blood flow and lymphatic circulation, resulting in purification of the body. The skin is hydrated, becomes smooth and healthy, its elasticity and glow are improved.

You’ll notice greatest effect of the procedure if you begin it with a hot tub or peeling of the skin with a mixture of sea salt and oils. This will remove dead skin cells, and the skin’s pores will be cleaned and will more easily transfer the healthy substances from the algae you are wrapped in. The use of foil and heating blanket for covering while the procedure lasts is typical. A comfortable and relaxing surrounding is necessary to increase its effectiveness.

Spa therapy with chocolate, which hydrates, softens and rejuvenates the skin, gives it a glow and smoothness. This tasty procedure improves the mood and reduces irritability and stress levels, calms, creates an internal feeling of harmony and comfort, even helps overcome depression. A body mask that saturates the skin with minerals, softens, gives a glow and improves the production of serotonins – natural hormones of happiness.

Body masks with algae, chocolate, honey Body masks with algae, chocolate, honey