Massage with honey

Massage with honey

The exceptional healing and preventive effect of honey massage has been known from antiquity.

The first to use honey to rub into the skin were Tibetan healers. They knew well the ability of honey massage to make the skin soft and smooth, tone and stimulate the body, as well as that all nutrients contained in honey are fully absorbed by the skin during massage.

The effect is due to the exceptional action of biologically active substances contained in honey with the skin, as well as the mechanical effect of the massage. A lot has been said about the properties of honey and the fact that it contains the most healthy and necessary elements. The content of amino acids, vitamins, antioxidant substances, a huge number of micro and macro elements – calcium, manganese, copper, iodine, zinc, iron, phosphorus and many others make honey a product of great biological value. Apart from its nutritional application, honey is considered to be very beneficial for external application in the form of massage, especially against cellulite.

Benefits of honey massage.

 - Honey massage promotes distribution of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and skin.
 - Honey improves blood flow.
 - Absorbs toxins and stimulates their fast removal from the body.
 - Regulates sleeping disorders, headaches
 - Effectively improves immunity
 - Honey is indispensable in treating bronchitis, pneumonia and colds
 - Excellent skincare product, which restores its elasticity
 - Honey massage has a pronounced anti-cellulite effect

Massage with honey Massage with honey