Aroma massage

Aroma massage

Purely as a term, aromatherapy is the method of using and healing with the help of the wonderful properties of scents.

In this sense, finding the appropriate scents for a particular case, dosage and their application turn aromatherapy into an art.

The effects of restoring strength and healing, influencing a person’s emotional state, rejuvenating and beautifying make aromatherapy one of the most effective and natural methods.

Today, scents are everywhere around us and have become an indispensable part of our lives. Modern aromatherapy is a natural way to maintain a good psychological, emotional and physical state.

The inclusion of bactericidal components in most scents can remove pathogenic germs. The therapy method is in the form of a massage with natural essential oils produced by distilling. The movements are slow and light, in order to fully remove all tension and stress.

Beneficial effect.

- bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, toning, reducing arterial pressure.
    - improves skin inflammation conditions.
    - a method to counter arthritis, headaches and muscle pain.
    - stimulates respiratory activity, improves the feeling of well-being and mood, calms the nervous system
    - improves metabolism.
    - tones, hydrates and relaxes the skin.

Aroma massage Aroma massage Aroma massage Aroma massage