The Endermologie technique was developed in France by Louis Paul Guitay /LPG/ 20 years ago. At first it was applied for the treatment of burns, whereas its effect on cellulite was noted, leading to further studies in this area.

Endermologie is performed using special equipment, which causes tissues to move, using a system of rotating rollers. They create a regulated vacuum, lifting and sucking in the skin, subjecting it to energetic training. The main purpose of this is to break up fat deposits, increase venous and lymphatic circulation, improve the skin’s metabolism, and as a result restore the connecting tissue to eliminate the unpleasant "orange peel" look.

LPG has an extremely powerful draining effect. It reduces the retention of liquids, improves venous and lymphatic flow, leading to purification of the body from accumulated toxins – the main culprits for the occurrence of "orange peel skin" even in thin girls. LPG is a reliable tool for the treatment of swellings, conglomerations, scars.

It is applied with great success in traumatology and rheumatology.