Low- and medium-frequency currents

Applied for treatment in traumatology – Sudeck’s atrophy, haematomas, symphysiolysis, joint contractures, dispersion of exudates and swellings; neurology – hemiplegia, neuritis, causalgias, inter-bone neuralgias, radiculitis, traumatic lesions or peripheral nerves; obliterating arterial diseases, Raynaud’s disease; inflammation and degenerative joint illnesses; dermatology – radiodermatitis, atonic wounds; gynecological illnesses, etc.


Has an effect on illnesses of the peripheral system, after-effects of central nervous system disorders, traumas of the locomotor system, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, chronic inflammatory processes in various organs and tissues, gynecological illnesses, etc.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy is stimulated high-energy light emission. The therapeutic effect of lasers is based on the unique qualities of laser light and its impact on treated tissues. It is successfully applied for the treatment of wounds, incl. superficial, burns, injuries of soft tissues, sinew treatment, pain treatment, dermatological and joint pathologies.

Magnet therapy

Has an exceptionally good anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effect in illnesses of the locomotor system, post-fracture conditions and diseases of the peripheral nervous system.

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