Vichy shower

Vichy shower

Vichy filiform shower (from Latin – like a thread) – this is a shower, in which multiple warm and thin thread-like jets of water fall on your body in the shape of rain. The main healing factors of the Vichy shower are: mechanical and temperature. The pressure that these jets apply is mild, but falling against the skin’s surface, they create areas of heightened ionization, promoting oxygen exchange. The mechanical activation of neuroreceptors of the skin improves blood flow and removes nervous strain.

The main results of the use of Vichy shower are: detoxifying effect, sedative and general fortifying effect in a rehabilitation, post-traumatic period, as well as relaxation. This is the best hydrotherapeutic massage procedure with a relaxing, anti-stress effect, suitable for men and women of all ages (in the absence of general counter-indications).

A Vichy shower is used in various SPA programmes:

-figure correction

-treatment of cellulite and metabolite disorders

- detoxification


-removal of chronic fatigue

-skin mineralization

-healing and relaxation

-chronic diseases of the spine and joints


Vichy shower Vichy shower Vichy shower Vichy shower Vichy shower