Medical treatment

Medical treatment

Therma Palace balneohotel provides specialized outpatient care in the field of physical and rehabilitation medicine.

Dr. Alexander Kulakov specializes in exercise therapy and rehabilitation medicine.

The main method of treatment of Dr. Kulakov is applied kinesiology.

Applied kinesiology is one of the few areas in medicine that considers illness as an imbalance in body structure, metabolism and emotional sphere. Treatment is the restoration of these three components. A kinesiologist will determine how to properly correct and restore balance based on the condition of muscles, joints, ligaments, gait, and sleep posture. Thanks to skeletal muscles, we walk, swallow, breathe, smile. We control some muscle contractions, but there are contractions that occur constantly and are not controlled by consciousness. These contractions are called muscle tone. Assessment of the state of muscle tone is used in kinesiology testing. During the examination, muscle tone is assessed under load, because muscle tension is a provocateur of pain. Then a chain of functional connections is built and the kinesiologist finds the cause of the pain.
Features of this unique method:

  •     back pain treatment
  •     treatment of painful muscular syndromes, including herniated intervertebral disc
  •     treatment of headache, vegetative-vascular dystonia
  •     posture correction, gait
  •     correction of the effects of emotional stress
  •     recovery after injuries and operations
  •     correction of dysfunctions of internal organs

The different methods are applied for the patient individually, namely

  •         manual correction
  •         restoring proper gait
  •         cranial osteopathy (correction of cranial sutures)
  •         visceral therapy (manual therapy of internal organs)
  •         individual selection of homeopathic remedies by the method of applied kinesiology
Medical treatment Medical treatment