Beach restaurant "Therma Beach"

Beach restaurant

Therma Beach restaurant:

Service – waiter service for free consumption

Working time : from 09:00 to 22:30 on Friday, Saturday,Sunday.

Surrounded by amazing nature and directly located on the Black Sea coast, you can find “Therma Beach” restaurant. There you will find white-plunged white-covered arbors, open green terraces, glazed verandas filled with fresh air and sunlight, as if they were painted by the nature.   

Here you can easily forget about the time and all cares - the atmosphere of the beach will take care of this instantly. The interior of the restaurant is designed to blend in with the surrounding environment - woodwork, knitted furniture, swing chairs, soft light shades of olive, beige and gray in the textile part - all of which helps to create a warm and light atmosphere.

Restaurant "Therma Beach" offers comfort and luxury for exciting marine trip in a specially selected menu.


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