Yoga place

Yoga place

It is very important for modern people to both look good and feel good. However, lost among activities and events, we often forget to take care of the body and spirit, to pay enough attention to emotional harmony. But there is a way to stay healthy, beautiful and happy – by practicing yoga.

Yoga – the best gift anyone can make to themselves!

Practicing yoga every day on the open plaza at THERMA PALACE balneology hotel, you will have the opportunity to breathe pure, fresh seaside air. The cozy atmosphere lets you completely let go of everyday life and immerse yourself in a world of tranquility and meditation, enjoying the silence and endless space.

Yoga has a positive effect on all the body’s systems, but mostly on the cardiovascular, digestive and endocrine system.

Yoga is beneficial for your self-esteem and body, as it is not only a sport, but a way to achieve personal harmony.

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