Cosmetic services

Cosmetic services


Lifting therapy

Recommended for skin that needs more firmness. The therapy shapes the face contour, strengthens the links between collagen fibers, and improves the skin’s elasticity.

60 min.      

Therapy for the eye area

Thanks to the 8 Oligo elements contained in algae, the THALION programme simultaneously smoothes, firms and strengthens the skin of eyelids and lips. Your eyes and smile will restore their fresh and youthful look.

35 min.        

Oxygen therapy

Evens the tan, strengthens capillaries and purifies skin of toxins. It has anti-stress and healing effects.

60 min.       

Thalassic therapy for the face

Algae enrich the skin with important Oligo elements and anti-oxidants that counter free radicals and thus slow down the skins ageing process.

70 min.          

Hydrating and rejuvenating therapy for men

Sea algae extracts serve to prevent the signs of ageing on men’s skin. Oligo elements found in algae are of natural origin and are recommended for young people.

60 min.         

Programme for total hydration

Moisturizing and deeply nourishing therapy suitable for skin exposed to detrimental atmospheric effects. Hydrates deeply and leaves the skin looking healthy.

60 min.         

Purifying therapy

Intended to treat seborrhea mostly in younger people with fat secretion disorder and as a preventive measure for oily skin and acne.

60 min.        


Facial cleaning – package + masks 60 min

Eyebrow shaping 15 min.  

Dyeing eyebrows 10 min.  

Dyeing eyelashes 10 min.

Relaxing aromatherapy massage of the face, neck and neckline 40 min.

Facial mask depending on the skin type 20 min.

Anti-couperose therapy for the face 60 min



Epilation: bikini area, entire legs, ½ legs, underarms, arms, upper lip wax.

Cosmetic services Cosmetic services